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Have your DPF removed

We also offer ECU remapping

Don't want your DPF removed? Then find out about getting your ECU remapped this doesn't involved removing your DPF but instead editing the way it works. Would you like to know more?

Why have your DPF removed?

DPFs can be extremely expensive to replace and if they are broken once then they have a tendency to do it again. Our removal service ensures that you don't incur these costs.

Can we help you?

If you would like to know if your car is fitted with a DPF or if you would like to know more about out service please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly mechanics would be happy to help you.

Thinking about getting your DPF removed? Call us on 01333 421 204


A DPF removal involves modifying your system without affecting the rest of your vehicle. Removing you DPF can be beneficial as it prevents the potential build-up of soot within the system that can cost you a lot of money. How you may ask? Well you will save on having to get your DPF serviced and if you ignore the DPF light when it comes on in your car it can cause exponential problems to your car.

rear view of silver grey Vauxhall car vehicle on hydraulic hoist